To make this series, I first took a deep look at portraits, from the first, painted during the renaissance, to those of the present day.
For several years, I've been looking for portrait look-alikes among my acquaintances, first concentrating on those of portraits painted in the 19th and 20th centuries. More recently, I've widened my research to photographs.

Having found my subject, on the day of the photo session, I bring a mask taken from an enlargement of the basic portrait which I cut inhalf lenght size, choosing the left or right side, which I fit over the profile of my sitter.
For a profile photograph, I place a mirror behind the sitter in order to photograph the profile covered by the mask, and the half-face of the sitter at the same time.
Lighting, expression and other details are carefully chosen by to resemble the mask as closely as possible.
The aim is not to reproduce the original work; my sitters are free to choose their everyday clothes; showing their usual appearance and remaining modern, thus creating a rupture with former times.
Often, the present-day sitters and the portrait models have very different ways of life and activities. Their only point in common is the force created by my photograph. I've tried to establish a dialogue between the past and the living, which is the look-alike of the other? Does the appearance of the human being undergo slight mutations with time?

This might lead us to think that other mutations of genetic heritage, those which determine our physical features might have produced in another day, age and social group, the same effects in our physical appearance.
Anonyme d'après Portrait de Marie Madeleine Chasseriau, par Théodore Chasseriau - 1836
Antoine d'après Etienne Hadiu, par Denise Colomb - 1953
Bruce d'après Portrait de Bonaparte 1er Consul, par Joseph Piat Sauvage - 18e siècle
Céline d'après Portrait de jeune femme rousse, par Charles Maurin - 1889
Charles d'après Portrait de Rollin Heber Neal, par Albert Sands Southworth & Joshiah Johnson Hawes - vers 1853
Claire d'après Portrait de Mme E.D..., par Emile Renard - 1908
David d'après Portrait d'homme (Valentini Balsame), Anonyme - 16e siècle
Floriane d'après Fantaisie, par Pierre Alfred Agache - 1907
François-Régis d'après Portrait, par Man Ray - 1909
Gérard d'après Rudi Dutschke, par Charles Wilp - 20e siècle
Laurent d'après Le souffleur à la pipe, par Georges de la Tour - 1646
Mohamed d'après Portrait d'Iago, par Julia Margaret Cameron - 1867
Philippe d'après Portrait d'Henri Matisse, par André Derain - 1905
Pierre d'après Autoportrait à la barbe, par Pierre Bonnard - vers 1920
Stéphane d'après Autoportrait, par Andrea Pozzo - 17e siècle
Thomas d'après Portrait de N.S.Mosolov, par Orest Kiprensky - 1811
Vincent d'après Portrait de Bertrand-Pierre Castex, Anonyme - 19e siècle
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